Exchange Programs for High School and University Students with International Study Agency | Study Abroad Tour

We put you in touch with reputed international high schools, colleges, and institutions in Australia and around the world. No matter what topic of study you are interested in, there are options to be placed at International Study Agency Partnered institutions all around the world. It’s up to you to decide what you want to study: Graphic/Media, Travel & Tourism, Leadership & Management, Health Care, Engineering, Child Education & Care, and many other fields.

International Study Agency Exchange Program Difference:

Typically, an exchange program is one in which students from one university study at another university’s partner institution. However, the International Study Agency Exchange Program allows students to study at any of the International Study Agency’s partnered universities and colleges, giving them more options.

Benefits of a Student Exchange Program:

Studying abroad broadens your historical and cultural understanding of another culture. International study agencies provide placements in educational institutions across Australia as well as internationally. You might even obtain academic credit in some situations.