Internship Programs Abroad with an International Study Agency – Become an Intern Trainee to gain valuable work experience for your future career.
We connect students and professionals with a variety of renowned Australian and international companies. If you’re looking for an internship in a professional field like medicine, science, engineering, architecture, law, accounting and finance, business, technology, or advertising, there are opportunities all over the world, particularly in Australia, Europe, or America, as well as developing countries in Africa and Asia.

The following are the general criteria and goals of an internship program:

Internship trainee roles are usually temporary part- or full-time (on average between one and four months) and may be compensated, partially paid, or unpaid, with some interns having the option of being paid through stipends.
An internship is a work-related experience exchange between you and a specific company or organization that provides internships to qualified individuals.

Benefits of an internship program:

You can use an internship program as an intern trainee to see if you are interested in a certain vocation. Your goal could be to get a school credit or a letter of recommendation to add to your curriculum vitae (CV). You might also begin to build a network of connections for your future profession.
Following the completion of your internship, you may be eligible for a paid, permanent position with the firm of your choice. Especially if your work performance was exceptional and it was found that you simply require minor or no additional training to begin or remain as a regular employee. However, getting a job after completing an internship is not assured.